Protect Your Independence

Reemo Health supports your health & safety

So you can enjoy your independence as much as possible, for as long as possible.

Your level of independence depends on your level of health.

Reemo encourages you to get your steps in every day, and keep your heart healthy.

Being on your own, doesn’t mean you have to do it alone.

Share access or data with caregivers, family, healthcare staff to enhance your connections to care.

Peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

Connect with the help you need, when you need it from your support network.
Wherever you are. 24/7/365.

Made with love for our family and yours.

Reemo was designed with our family in mind as well as yours, so we hope your family enjoys it as much as ours does!

Simple Technology for Health & Safety

Reemo is designed to fit into your lifestyle.

Learn how to use it in minutes, put it on and it becomes part of your life.

Check the time, your steps progress for the day, or see how your pulse is doing after a walk. Reemo makes it effortless, with a simple interface that’s easy to use.

Help is literally a touch away. Switch to the call screen and press to be connected to help. That’s it. It’s that easy to connect to your support network whether you need help from a contact, product support, or emergency services.

While it all starts with the Reemo Health Smartwatch, the story doesn’t end there.

Promoting Connections

Being on your own, doesn’t mean you have to do it alone.

Reemo’s online portal makes it easy to manage your health data, and securely share it with your support network.

How you use connections is up to you. 

You can give access to specific family and caregivers so they have remote visibility, giving them a non-intrusive way to see how you’re doing.

Knowing how you are, and that you have help and support 24/7 will give them peace of mind.

To each person granted access, easy to use privacy controls determine what they can and cannot see.

If you allow it, they can enable alerts which can notify them if something is out of norm.

Share access with your caregiver, doctor or healthcare provider. You can also easily export your data to share it with them at your next visit.

The choice is yours!

For your Health

Maintain Your Health

You gotta move it or lose it! Wearing Reemo measures your steps and heart rate, so you can see how you’re doing today, and track trends over time to encourage staying active to maintain your health, mobility and ability to maintain your independence.


Health is relative. What is normal for one person is different for another. Reemo establish baselines for your data, relative to day and time of day, but also compared to last month, etc. This allows you to compare how you’re doing relative to what is normal for you.

Track Trends

Health data can help you identify a trend before you feel the difference. Tracking trends can help you identify negative trends early and make an adjustment to keep your health on track. Reemo makes this simple and easy.

Live Concierge Help

Mobile Safety Net

Live Concierge Help gives you 24/7/365 access to a live ADT operator who can connect you to help, wherever you are. Use it to get product support, reach a contact in your support network or emergency services.


Phone on the Wrist

Reemo’s Smartwatch puts a speakerphone on your wrist, allowing hands free 2 way communication, convenient when help is needed. Cellular based, it gives you all the mobility of a cell phone, with none of the hassle.

Peace of Mind

Enjoy life more! Feel secure at home, out and about, because Reemo provides a safety net. Focus on doing the things you like without worry, because help is always available. Family & caregivers also get peace of mind, knowing you have easy access to help wherever you go.

Connected Care

Access for your Support Network

Family and caregivers now have a better way to stay informed. Alerts, activity info and trends all can be shared, if desired. Getting members of a support network in the loop is easy with Reemo.

You’re in control

Reemo makes it easy for you to manage your profile, who can access it, and what they have permission to do.

Enables Proactive Care

Sharing health status with caregivers can allow them to take action when things are out of the norm. Getting timely cues about how you are doing enables proactive care.

Benefits for Caregivers

Coordinate Care

Caregivers can use Reemo to help coordinate care. For example, they can confirm that you were picked up as scheduled, or if something looks off.


Caregivers with access can opt-in to get alerts if steps or heart rate are out of norm. They can also get time relative alerts. For example – if not active by 9am (and that’s normally when you are active by.)

Peace of Mind

Wondering how loved ones are doing can be stressful. Reemo let’s caregivers non-intrusively see how you’re doing so they don’t have to wonder, and knowing you have 24/7 access to help means they don’t need to worry.


Easy Setup

Reemo takes minutes to setup. Take Reemo out of the box, enter code online, subscribe and the services are activated. It’s that simple!

Maintenance Free

Reemo updates itself automatically over the air when updates are available, and is charged at least 50%. No user interaction needed.

1 Year Warranty

The Reemo Health Smartwatch comes standard with a 1 year warranty. If the watch stops working under warranty, we will replace it with one that does.

We partnered with Samsung since they are an industry leading wearable manufacturer that develops robust, stylish and reliable devices. Great built-in features include small form factor, touchscreen, cellular based speakerphone, GPS, accelerometer, bluetooth, with a bright display.

Easy Charging

Changeable Bands

Water Resistant

Up to 1 meter / 30 min.


What bands are available?

Reemo comes packaged with a Large and Small watch band.

You can also use aftermarket bands that are compatible for Samsung Gear S2 or buy an adapter for about $8 that will allow you to use any standard watch band. Search online for “samsung gear s2 band adapter” to find a set for purchase.

How often should I charge?

We recommend charging Reemo once a day.

Suggest getting in the habit of charging when you go to bed, or at a meal time.

Can I call other numbers besides ADT?

Reemo is setup to only work as a phone to call a dedicated ADT help line.

While you cannot use Reemo to call other phone numbers, you can add contacts who you would like to be able to reach for help to your profile. When you call Live Concierge Help, they can reach out to one of those contacts on your behalf, to get you help.

Where to Buy

Where to buy Reemo