For Senior Care Communities

Reemo Health supports the continuum of care throughout the aging process.

Reemo Health supports seniors health & safety

So they can enjoy their independence as much as possible, for as long as possible.

While strengthening their connections

Increasing efficiency, adding value in new ways, and attracting new customers.

Seniors Love Reemo

There are plenty of benefits to enjoy just by wearing Reemo. Soon they will be showing it off and competing with each other’s daily step counts.

Learn more about the Reemo Health benefits to senior living:

Reemo Health Benefits for Seniors

Easy to Train

You can literally train a new user in about 5 minutes how to use the Reemo Health Smartwatch. With our Train the Trainer program, staff will enjoy well developed training materials that they can learn quickly how to use, so they can get on with the fun of teaching new users about their Reemo.

Simple to Manage

New devices can be setup in minutes. No software to manage, as Reemo updates itself over the air automatically when watches are charged at least 50% and turned on. Our online portal is setup with busy staff in mind, designed to be easy to use with minimal amount of instruction.

Manage by Exception

Want to see who’s not up yet? Sort by Active in the Resident list and you can see a short list of inactives, making it simple to see who staff needs to check on.

Alerts that don’t fatigue

Staff can easily setup alerts that meet the conditions they set, rather than getting alerts that aren’t relevant to them.

Same with the alerts that family or caregivers can setup. They opt in for a specific alert, so they only receive notices they want to get.

Prioritize Requests for Help

Facilities report that residents use emergency call systems for emergencies less than 15% of the time. That means 85% of the time, they are making less urgent requests for assistance or just for someone to bring them water.

Live Concierge Help screens calls, making sure requests are routed to the appropriate resource, so if all they need is water, the front desk can be notified and respond accordingly. In case of an emergency, all appropriate contacts would be notified and kept informed.

Extending Support

Mobile Support

Cellular based, Reemo works off site, allowing independent travel, activities, and trips, while maintaining their connection to your community and any help they need.

Available Before Residency

Prospective residents can buy Reemo from you and start using it while still at home. Grow their connection with you and add value before they move on-site.

Aging in Place Market

You can choose to sell Reemo to members of the community who want to support their independence while aging in place at home.

Enhanced Connections

Access for Support Network

Family and caregivers now have a better way to stay informed. Alerts, activity info and trends all can be shared, if desired. Getting members of a support network in the loop is easy with Reemo.

Coordinate Care

Caregivers can use Reemo to help coordinate care. For example, they can confirm that they were picked up as scheduled, or if something looks off.

Data for Care Decisions

When the time comes to make changes to care plans, or levels of support needed, data in Reemo can show trends, call log history, or the types of requests for help.

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