Remote Connected Care

Reemo’s Remote Mobile Health Platform creates a unique medium to engage and communicate with patients as they work through the care plan prescribed at their previous appointment or in-home visit.

Reemo’s smartwatch can capture longitudinal data in between visits through native sensors, Bluetooth integration of clinical devices (i.e. blood pressure cuff) and two-way messaging. This provides patient insights to the care team into the mobility, activity and overall adherence to their personal care plan.

Collaborative Care

Make care more productive and efficient

Reemo believes that consumers are most likely to meet their health goals when they are an active participant in their care.

However, like all people, the reality of adhering to a defined course of action can become difficult based on a multitude of underlying factors including, but not limited to, having confidence/ability to do what has been asked, how they feel physically and mentally, and understanding what is being asked of them. To trigger proactive outreach or shape the prioritization of topics during the next appointment or in-home visit, data sets can be established to align with established workflows and processes. For example:


  • Steps
  • Location
  • Usage


  • Heart Rate
  • Blood Pressure*
  • Temperature*

Self Assessment

  • Satisfaction with Care Plan
  • Satisfaction with Care
  • Care Plan Adherence

Care Coordination

  • Desire to Connect to Care Team/Support
  • Confirm Appointment
  • Support in Scheduling Appointment

*via compatible 3rd party Bluetooth devices

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