Remote Mobile Health Platform

Reemo Health is a remote mobile health platform that connects live personal health data with support networks to improve health and wellness outcomes.

Using Reemo Smartwatch strengthens the connection between wearers and support networks, while helping improve experiences and health outcomes.

From remote monitoring to key risk indicators and wellness reporting, Reemo elevates a personalized approach to health through proactive adjustments and earlier intervention. Wearing Reemo increases health engagement, giving peace of mind to wearers wherever they go.

Reemo Health Smartwatch

Reemo Health makes easy-to-use technology to support independence while enabling connectivity with family and caregivers.

Reemo promotes safety and connectedness with Live Concierge Help, which provides a range of assistance, from product support, to connecting live with family, caregivers, and emergency services if needed.

In addition, Reemo creates secure connections to personalized health data that can be shared with loved ones, caregivers and healthcare providers – enabling proactive care, and encouraging health & wellness.