Breakthrough engagement for home-based health management

Reemo remotely connects people to healthier, more empowered living. Our home management platform includes a personalized smartwatch, seamless two-way communications and access to 24/7 centralized health services and support along with alerts, prompts and data-based insights. We’re transforming how healthcare engages older adults in their health.

End-to-End Mobile Health Platform

Emergency Support

Non-stigmatizing personal emergency response system (PERS) combines with fitness tracking and care circle connections to help people stay independent at home.


A personalized experience connects older adults with the services, care and support they need to protect their independence and better manage their health while in their homes.

Remote Monitoring

Continuous collection and analysis of health and lifestyle data with dynamic alerts and insights enable scalable home management and connection with remote populations.

Health Engagement

Advanced pathway remotely connects critical-to-reach individuals with their care teams and delivers care plans, reminders or assessments for unrivaled user access and engagement.

Condition Support

Adaptable condition-focused programs integrate with existing workflows and provide valuable data insights for more effective, proactive condition and risk management.

Unrivaled outcomes with older adults

interact with 1:1 messaging and care plans
use smartwatch within 48 hours of receipt
report that Reemo is helpful to them

Turning collected data into targeted actions

The Reemo smartwatch experience — available on Samsung’s industry-leading watches — arrives pre-configured to the user’s care plan and needs. It continuously collects and analyzes real-world data that can be used to make more effective, proactive healthcare decisions with human-centered, actionable insights. Connected health for effective home management has arrived.


Standalone LTE smartwatch is designed for simplicity. Users simply turn the watch on for full functionality. No pairing to phone or wi-fi required.


Easy-to-use and intuitive, the experience is continually fine-tuned to best support each user on their personal health journey.

Two-Way Comms

Live telephonic help through built-in LTE voice and on-demand digital pathways make it easy for the user to access care and support anywhere, anytime.

Embedded Engagement

Watch-based messaging delivers reminders and protocols or captures assessments and Q&A via a HIPAA secure, intuitive UI to deepen the relationship with the user.


API, dashboard and file-based access provides longitudinal data on health, activity, risk, gaps in care and social isolation for home-based monitoring and care.

Designed for active daily living and long-term health needs.

The Reemo platform makes home management of older adults a seamless part of their daily lives. No more frustration with complicated technology. Adoption is quick and efficient. Engagement is effortless. Empowered living is achieved.

  • Frictionless setup
  • Accessible support
  • Remote data collection
  • Dynamic engagement
  • Responsive experience
  • Actionable Insights

“This is what I have been looking to find for years. This watch is so simple, even I can use it.”

~ Medicare “Duals” Member, 80

Start fulfilling the promise of connected health today.