Reemo Health and HNC Virtual Solutions Announce Transformative Connected Health Solution for Healthy Aging

By October 16, 2018 August 5th, 2019 Press Release

Joint solution enables the young at heart to be proactive in their health and remain independent longer with a flexible solution that supports personal health, safety and wellbeing.

MINNEAPOLIS, MN (October 16, 2018) – Reemo Health, the personalized enablement platform that protects the independence of the young at heart, and HNC Virtual Solutions, a fast-paced, highly-focused telemedicine development company, are announcing today a reimagined solution for the 65+ demographic to effectively and proactively manage health and independence. The new offering combines longitudinal insights, continuous consumer access, and condition monitoring into one unified platform and consumer experience. The innovative program enables payers and providers to engage consumers in their health, while also better managing risk and identifying preemptive insights, through a closed-loop, scalable experience.

The joint Reemo and HNC Virtual Solutions program is for Medicare, Medicaid, health systems and life science organizations concerned with better engaging their 65+ demographic in their health. As this population segment rapidly grows, the need to provide more efficient and enhanced care in a personalized manner is critical to stemming increased health risks and their associated costs. Reemo and HNC Virtual Solutions strive to be the change agent leading this charge.

“Reemo delivers a true 1:1 relationship with any consumer facing the challenge of remaining healthy, active and safe as they age. Their wealth of insights and ability to engage the consumer in their care circle unlocks a potential to deliver the most appropriate care at the lowest acuity level that was previously unattainable at scale,” said Stephen Shaya, M.D., Chief Medical Officer of HNC. “This is precisely why HNC Virtual Solutions is confident that our combined offering will redefine what it means to provide remote care and on-demand support across the full continuum of risk. This is a life-changing opportunity for millions of people.” The solution is purpose-built for the 65+ demographic to effectively and proactively manage health and independence, and is comprised of four core principles:

  • Provide ongoing daily value to seniors by helping them age with grace through next-gen PERS and on-demand concierge support.
  • Engage each senior’s circle of friends, family and personal care team with data-driven insights and alerts to provide the best support and care as needs change.
  • Identify key trends over time and seamlessly deploy independence protocols, such as social isolation and fall prevention, in order to improve quality of life and minimize risk.
  • Scale to support rising risk or targeted conditions when specific events or changes in health status occur over time.

“HNC’s proven innovation and commitment to solving the needs of all the stakeholders responsible for the health and care of the aging demographic is a mission I greatly admire and recognize is not easy,” states John Valiton, CEO of Reemo Health. “Together, I truly believe Reemo and HNC are uniquely positioned to positively impact millions of seniors and their adult caregivers as they partner with their healthcare organizations to remain independent and live their life to the fullest.”

The solution will be available January 2019.

About Reemo Health
Reemo helps healthcare organizations improve the healthy aging experience by empowering the 65+ demographic to be supported, be connected and be independent. Blending wearable technology, next-gen PERS functionality and advanced health analytics into a connected caregiving solution, Reemo delivers the industry’s first unified personal enablement platform across the full continuum of independence. For more information on how Reemo protects personal independence, visit or follow the company on LinkedIn and Twitter.

About HNC Virtual Solutions
HNC Virtual Solutions is a fast-paced, highly-focused telemedicine development company located in Wixom, MI. HNC is composed of skilled system engineers, programmers, project specialists, and organizational managers, whose primary focus is to continue to design and implement Telemedicine and Remote Patient Monitoring solutions that are second to none. As a proud member of the J&B Medical Supply family of companies, HNC KNOWS technology AND Medicine. To learn more about HNC Virtual Solutions, please visit