Reemo helps healthcare organizations
provide value-based care.

More and more, patients are attempting to manage their own health and chronic conditions on a daily basis. Because their health status can change at any time, the typical care giving process (whether delivered by family, friends, or professional staff) centers around reactive episodes of care and symptom checks and is not serving the patients’ needs.

Reemo elevates the customer-centric approach to delivering value-based care. With continuous monitoring of health indicators, Reemo promotes proactive adjustments to care, earlier points of intervention, and greater participation by individuals.


Reemo improves quality of care, while reducing existing inefficiencies.

Accessibility of Care

Reemo’s wearable sensors and remote monitoring program enable more timely and easier access to care as needed. Patients are engaged through more personal interactions.

Actionable Analytics

Reemo’s machine learning of health indicators can provide better visibility into the patient’s lifestyle and wellness.

It may trigger care management reminders or changes. It may also be used to identify out of compliance trends or correlation patterns in studies.

Product Mix

Reemo’s advanced analytics on health indicators can be used to make product portfolio decisions or identify differential economic value.

Population data captured by Reemo may be used to discover needs and applications for new products or features.



Consumer acceptance of wearable tech brands help patients manage their own health, making outcomes more predictable.

Using Reemo to Identify and Monitor Health Conditions

Condition Indication and Detection

  • Advanced fall indicators
  • Early detection of conditions like Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)
  • General health and wellness

Chronic Disease Management

  • Parkinson’s
  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Mental Health and Depression
  • Multiple Sclerosis

1.1 Million Lives

can be saved annually through better prevention
and treatment of chronic disease.

80% of older adults

have at least one chronic disease
and 68% have at least two.

Healthcare Providers and Payors

Innovative healthcare models are incorporating digital products and services. 80% of care business models in 2025 will be driven by platform-based healthcare analytics and intelligence solutions.

Reemo’s remote patient monitoring programs and proprietary health indices are designed to improve population health management through better patient engagement and opportunities for prevention at a lower total cost of care.

  • Member Adoption

  • Condition Prevention

  • Early Response

  • Context

  • Adherence to Treatment

  • Access to Care

  • Continuity of Care

Healthcare Manufacturers

The emergence of alternative payment models and value-based reimbursement are giving more weight to outcomes in purchasing decisions. Pricing pressures and the shared risk for those outcomes place more emphasis on adherence to treatments. Increasing digitalization and consumer influence are driving new expectations to connect and engage patients in their health care.

Reemo provides a means for engagement that accommodates the lives of aging adults. Reemo’s learning health capability may be used to anticipate onset or progression of a condition, identify when adherence may be astray, or when an outcome may vary.