Born out of Necessity

Reemo was born when we began helping our co-founder’s elderly father, a stroke victim, age in place.  

Through the use of wearable and smart home technology, Reemo was designed to help seniors live independently through messaging, key risk alerts and offering them the ability to control their home through a series of gesture controls.

Creating A Solution

Our leadership team has spent hundreds of hours in senior living facilities interacting with residents to better understand their day-to-day life.

As we conducted research and gathered stories from these homes, we realized our technology could be applied to all seniors at risk of moving to a higher level of care or having an accident that lands them in a hospital.

Ultimately, we realized there is a lack of effective, affordable care and actionable, personalized health data available for this segment of the population.

Reemo Leadership

We set out to build a well-rounded team complete with valuable healthcare and
technology experience to shape how Reemo would serve seniors, loved ones, care
providers and payors.


John Valiton
Chief Executive Officer


Dave Sullivan
Chief Operating and
Financial Officer


Michael Sunnarborg
Chief Strategy Officer

Advisory Board


Al Baker


General Elder Granger, MD


Kyle Rolfing


Steve Claypool, MD


Andy Atwell


Kathy Messerli