Reemo helps connect at-risk consumers with the services, support and programs designed to help them remain independent – and stay in their home.


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Reemo Health is the leading provider of modern, consumer-centric wearable technology solutions designed to improve health and wellbeing. An easy-to-use smartwatch, with 24/7 telephonic Live Concierge Help™, engages seniors, their caregivers and healthcare organizations, with a better user experience and enhanced health outcomes.

The configured smartwatch is provided ready-to-use. There is no need to pair it with a phone, or Wi-Fi, and the data plan is included in the service. A simple registration process offers the option to share activity data with a personal connection such as a family member or other caregiver.

Healthcare organizations that use the Reemo Healthy Aging Platform can access data and analytics via existing workflows and dashboards. The Platform allows for collection of important health risk information such as social isolation, depression, falls, and more. These health indicators combined with the smartwatch’s data set – including alerts, steps, heart rate, and location – provide a comprehensive view of the individual and facilitate proactive care for members.

The Healthy Aging Platform improves wellbeing, lowers health risks and helps prevent avoidable and costly healthcare claims.

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